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Coram Deo - What it means.
Coram Deo - 11/15/2010
Coram Deo - 12/04/2010
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A New Beginning for you!

Thank you for visiting the New Beginnings Class (NBC) website.  This website exists to be an online help for students like you who attend the New Beginnings Class at the Cathedral of Faith.  Now that you have started your journey with Christ we want to provide all the helps possible to assist you as you learn what it means  to be a man, or woman of God.

We do not want you to wait until Sunday to get questions you need answered regarding your homework.  Thanks to modern technology you can interact with NBC teachers through blogging to get the help you need. Our NBC teachers constantly survey this site ready to answer the myriad of questions students may have with cogent answers based on the Holy scriptures.

For those of you that do not attend the Cathedral of Faith, but are new in the faith of Christ, we want to serve you as well.  We will answer questions you, the new believer may have in the prayerful hope that the answers you receive will strengthen your understanding about the Christ you love and follow.

If you are not familiar with our church please feel free to visit us on the web at http://cathedraloffaith.org.  If you would like to visit our church, or if you do not have a church home consider this an open invitation!  You can find information about contacting us at our church website.

I am so excited to be the Director of Assimilation for our church.  This is truly my dream job!  I dream about what I do 24/7, it's my passion, this is what floats my boat.  In other words I have a hard core desire to see new believers nurtured into mature Christians having a complete understanding of at least the basic foundational truths all Christians should have.

I am not a self made man.  I have incredible volunteers who have the same passion as I do.  My volunteers spend countless hours serving.  Because of their heart felt investment into this ministry we are successful.
As the webmaster for this site (which is still a work in progress) you can get information about me and what I do in the hope that maybe you can do the same at your church.  You can follow me in Twitter at http://twitter.com/heart4followup.  You can also contact me at the Cathedral of Faith.